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The term “Neighbourly Matters” describes a range of common issues that may arise between neighbouring property owners.


The Neighbourly Matters Consultancy offer a specialist professional service that seeks to help neighbours to resolve matters at issue.


Party Walls: The most common issue that arises revolves around the provisions of The Party Wall etc Act 1996, which is an Act of Parliament that provides a mechanism for the lawful development adjacent to relevant neighbours and provides a practical mechanism for the resolution of differences that commonly arise in relation to such building works.


Access: Closely related to the above is the management of access to neighbouring land including rights under the Party Wall Act, Access Licences and Scaffold/ Crane Oversail licences.


Boundaries: The other common issue arising revolves around boundaries. Common issues here include: (1) Establishing responsibility for repair works at boundaries; (2) boundary agreements and (3) boundary encroachment resolution.

Why use us?

We specialise in these issues and as such we strive to empathise with and understand your needs, wants concerns and requirements.


Alongside the usual professional memberships, key specialist affiliations and accreditations include: Membership of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and Membership of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club (P&T). Membership of the former is by practical test and interview only. Membership of the latter learned body ensures we stay abreast of best practice and subscribe to the P&T ethos Educate-Promote-Inform.

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